Ezi–TileFix 500ml Refill


500ml refill bottle of Ezi–TileFix hollow tile repair adhesive.

Repair Kit Product Sheet

Download a copy of the product sheet containing instructions how to use Ezi–TileFix

Product Contents

Ezi–TileFix is a dispersion polymer of carboxylated styrene butadene copolymer, synthetic Latex based Bonding agent supplied in a milky white liquid form containing Vinyl Acetate Homopolymer and Methanol store in a cool, dry place out of childrens reach, contain spills with inert absorbent material and transfer to containers for disposal, keep away from drains, sewers, or wayer systems.

Safety & First Aid

Wear appropriate protective equipment and avoid contact with skin when handling and using this product. First aid measures if in eyes flush with water for 20 minutes and seek medical attention, on skin wash with soap and water if irritation developes or persists seek medical attention. If vapours inhaled move outside tofresh air if symptoms develope or persist seek medical attention. If swallowed drink 2 glasses of water DO NOT induce vomiting seek medical attention immediately.


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